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    While recently looking for some data on CWD and infection rates, I stumbled across this article.

    There was a statement in here that provided some perspective on why the legislature might be stepping in to the baiting ban fray and why the RS Proposal for APR's in the CWD zone might be gaining some traction. Not sure if this is the case, but it sure made sense. It all comes back to what one poster in a recent thread said; "It is what the majority of hunters want".

    "They're probably not ever going to get rid of that unless we come up with some novel ways of disinfecting the landscape," Laroche told a recent meeting on CWD set up by state Rep. Marcia Hahn, R-Northampton, at the East Bath Rod and Gun Club in East Allen Township.

    Hunting in Pennsylvania is a $1.6 billion industry, Hahn said.

    "So we want to make sure that we keep hunters happy, for one, that we can keep the economy going," she said Wednesday. "It generates a lot of tax revenue for us and helps the state."

    (Underlining, bolding, and coloring of the text performed by me.)

    Who is "us" anyway?
    Should make for an interesting 2019.
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    This statement from the link is not accurate.

    "With an incubation period of up to two years"

    Factually speaking, the incubation period can be 18 months to many years. Some genotypes prolong incubation times, some genotypes have shown to be immune to the disease, especially in certain Elk genotypes.
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    "It is what the majority of hunters want".
    It's horrifying to think that might be influential. is an example. Hunters speak up, don't know what they are talking about, politicians who don't know squat interfere with the biologists.
    To paraphrase Tocqueville about democracy: it is indisputable that the people manage their affairs very badly.
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