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If you don't like it then leave. I am.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Gunther Swanson, Aug 22, 2017.

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    Its hard to stay home when i know i can get **** done. I saw so many great Americans wanting to help so bad just told to drop the 1000s of dollars worth of supplies at a convention center or a mega church. Thats cool after all areas are secure and supplied. Because i have been to too many of these disasters i have learned how to get around all the red tape. The key is simple. God. Its the biggest thing going in the south. So when i go to smaller communities or to the south in general what i do is find churches and bring an offline map program with a hand held gps. It never fails the place is packed no matter the size. I know if i needed help from those i needed to depend on, church is where i am headed.

    I helped a group get prepared to go to florida. They are a legit skilled group and were prepared properly to help with rescue and relief. They are sitting in a parking lot right now doing nothing. Travel is very restricted and very little info goes out to civilians ready to help. They have 2 boats and brought everything they need to live including a porta potty (i bring our camping toilet on these trips as well). They will be attempting some back roads this afternoon to reach the home of a friends family member who is a senior and the clock is ticking.

    If we ever have to plan a trip again i will post here to see if anyone is interested. We needed some guys with boats and im pretty dumb not to of posted here looking for help. Doh~!