Hypothetical Question:What if the tree huggers got their way?

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Anita Dwink, Feb 9, 2018.

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    From what I have read about how devastating the passenger pigeon was to farm crops, the farmers at the time were not sad the passenger pigeon was killed off.
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    Homing pigeons (messenger pigeons) are still raised today They hold races quite often to see who's birds will get back to the roost the fastest. Homing pigeons were a big help during the early wars by carrying messages back to the command posts from the field.

    The destruction of farm crops might be part of the problem with the demise of the passenger pigeon. They were a big money maker for the communities. The women cleaned them, then they were put in barrels and shipped to the cities to be sold. It did not take them very long to get to market in the cities. Trains were actually a fast form of transposition in that day.

    I have an old post card from around 1910 that was mailed in Chicago and arrived in Mears in way less than 24 hours. Now it may take days for the post office to get the same postcard though.
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    This is a great book to read for anyone; hunters, non-hunters, anti-hunters....anyone......
    "In Defense of Hunting" by James Swan.
    In defense of hunting.jpg
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    There would be many more ramifications if tree huggers were PETA in nature, and they got their way.
    "A Rat is a Dog is a Pig is a Boy" is the disgusting PETA slogan that outlines their goals. Goals of no farming for meat production, no animal research, no pet ownership, and of course no hunting or fishing! Imagine a disease riddled world, suffering economies, and significantly reduced populations and life expectancy!

    No farming/meat production - 1/2 the population would be malnourished due to the extreme difficulty in obtaining essential amino acids in a diet void of animal/fish protein. Population numbers would likely take a hit as well, and economies would die!

    No animal research - Again the loss to disease, and lowering of life expectancy is obvious.

    No pet ownership - along with bye bye veterinary medicine (also included in the no animal farming scenario)- this one ridiculously speaks for itself.

    No hunting or fishing? Tell ya what, include this with the first three and you can just shoot me now - even though PETA objects!
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    If the tree huggers got their way, it would be equivalent to what would happen if the anti GMO/Herbicide/Monsanto crowd got their way. There is no way we could feed the world without GMO and Herbicides. Mass starvation and complete chaos would follow if these things were banned from farming.
    Its the old adage, "be careful what you wish for".
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    I'd still hunt too. But then, I'm a criminal by nature. lol

    To seriously address the question. I think you would see deer etc living in populated areas and all of the problems which go with it. In the country animal populations would most likely fluctuate based on natural occurrences and predation. The swings may well be large and some species may not recover from lows depending on other influences. The tree huggers would for the most part think it's fine. But I'm reminded of something I heard in Timmins Ontario some years after the spring bear hunt was halted there. Timmins spends more money removing problem bears than they do removing snow. Keeping in mind they average over 300" of snow each year.