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Huroc Park in Flat Rock MI

Discussion in 'South East Michigan Streams and Rivers' started by polarbear78, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. polarbear78


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    Has anyone ever caught anything here? If so...can you give me some pointers...I live only a couple miles from the park, and have fished it for probably 10 years, and can count all the fish I caught on one hand. Would throwing a little sucker spawn or crystal meth pattern by the dam at the footbridge be good year round you think? Any help would be great
  2. gatorman841

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    woods or the lake
    Your chances there a pretty minimal right now im sure there is some steelies and eyes in there but most of them are pry hanging out in the deep holes of the river before they move up into the rapids.. The warmer it gets the more fish that will come in. You might be better off fishing down the river more towards the mouth. As it gets further into march it will improve at the dam. Black streamer will get you eyes and steelies when they come in good.. Just throw a splitshot or 2 a couple feet above ur fly and use the least amount of weight u can just have to make sure your making contact with the bottom if ur below the dam if ur above use small jig and waxie under a float

  3. plizbarn


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    Go to Lobo and fish for steelies. Got a boat the river has some great holes for back trolling crankbaits for steelies. Float spawn or small jigs with waxies. Have done great there at certain times.