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Discussion in 'General Michigan Hunting' started by swamptromper, Dec 12, 2008.

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    This is the system I use:

    I wash my clothes, in a non UV, non scent detergent. Then in the dryer with HS earth scent dryer sheet. My washer has a container that allows me to put the softener in while the clothes are in, being washed.

    Has any one used...some sort of "something" in the fabric softener cycle.
    The washer is run with some towels using the hunting detergent to remove, pre-existing scents, chemicals and brightners. Then into the dryer with the earth scent dryer sheets. Now that both washer and dryer are prepped, in go the hunting gear.

    My thoughts this season, regarding the wash. What if some vanilla or "buck stop" apple, earth, pine or deer lure (esturous) etc was used in the 'softener' container. Then into the dryer with the Hunter speciality earth scent dryer sheets.

    Has anyone tried this, I noticed when I use softener on my normal clothes it has that "just like spring" smell or whatever. :rolleyes: Could this work with "hunting" smells also ??

    I hope my cajons dont shrivel to grapes, for discussion laundry tactics on a hunting forum. :lol:
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    I have never tried the dryer sheets or any "fabric softener-esque" liquid when doing hunting clothes. Prior to washing I pull the fabric softener cup from the washer and give it "da bidnez", cleaning it in case anything was left in there from prior loads. Then I too do a load of towels in the scentless detergent to "prep" the washer. I also dilute some detergent and put it in the softener cup just for grins.

    My dryer seems to run hot so even on the low heat setting it's really warm. Because of that I will either hang my hunting clothes outside to dry in the fall or run the dryer on air fluff in the winter. It can take upwards of 892,000 hours in drying time, but I avoid the "scorched" feel and the possible clothes shrinkage.

    BTW - Thank you for admitting to this as I thought I might be a little too intense going thru all this! Good to see I'm not alone.

  3. November Sunrise

    November Sunrise

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    I solved this problem a couple of years ago by adding an extra washer and dryer which are dedicated solely to the washing and drying of hunting clothes. While they do see some occasional use for ordinary laundry needs, the rule is that in dad's washing machine and dryer fabric softeners, under any circumstance and at any time of the year, are not permitted.

    Some call me obsessive, but I prefer the term "meticulous":D.
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    St. Johns,MI
    I thought about this this year, after washing my hunting clothes in the "family washer.

    I thought that if I would have put the water level higher, meaning saying it was an extra large load. the detergent would be delooted enough.

    I also us the earth scent dryer sheets, but the smell doesn't last very long.

    I had a buddy that used amonia as a cover scent, Maybe that would work in the softener cup/holder

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    You can earn your "cajuns" back if you put doe estrous in the fabric softener cup and then tell your wife you did that:lol: