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Hummingbird 5 Ice Helix g2 anyone use on ice yet?

Discussion in '' started by Titan34, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. T1basser


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    I fished with my 7 for the first time this week. The 2d sonar view was pretty awesome, I could get a much better feel for how many were actually down there. I will be mainly using that for sure. I will say the flasher mode was impressive too, I wasn't sure what exactly to expect with an LCD unit in flasher mode. So for guys who's comfort zone is looking at a flasher the unit does that really well too and with split screen you can gain confidence in both.

    Having a Lakemaster map chip/GPS makes a huge difference in the waters I fish and took a lot of guesswork out of where to start punching holes. Definitely going to hang onto my ICE 45 as a back up, but I am really excited about the capabilities of this unit.

    I didn't get a chance to mess around with settings much but I was a big fan of bumping up my chart speed all the way up to ultra on 2d sonar.
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  2. Fishsmith85


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    Too many people stare at the screen more than their line or bobber. I'll never shut it off, once I'm over fish I watch my line. Key word is fish finder. It's not intended as a strike indicator. If that's what works for people that's fine. I always tell guys once they have a fish showing interest don't get fixated on your screen, pay attention to your presentation and your line/bobber. You will put way more fish on the ice[/QUOTE]

    One thing I do is to put the spring bobber in my line of sight for the graph screen. Took me a little while to get use to it but once I did it’s pretty easy to efficiently watch both. I’ve caught a lot more fish that came in suspended while jigging for fish closer to or on bottom, not to mention knowing when to adjust my technique for the ones I’m going after.