how to deter dogs from coming around

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    Talk about bad advice. :lol:
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    I have caught a lot of dogs in my canine traps over the years. None of them were hurt by the trap. Most just lay there their not fighting the trap.

    Two that come to mind.

    One was over a mile from home on the opening day of firearms season when I was checking trap in the dark. I took it home with me. I tied it up and went deer hunting. That night I found out who it belonged to. When the lady came to pick it up I had her look at the foot that was in the trap. She could see the mark of the trap by the trap dye that was on it. There was no damage what so ever to the dog. The worst part of the incident was the dog was gun shy and had to listen to all of the gun fire all day tied up in my yard

    The other was when I got to work my boss said he had a Brittaney in one of his traps on Mac Woods Dune Rides end of the Silver Lake Sand dunes. When I went up to help him get it out I would not let us near it. At lunch time we made a hog snare to get it out. It still was mean acting. When we got it out it licked my hand and jumped in the back of the truck. We found out it came from the other end of the lake near the dunes orv access. We took it home no worse for wear.