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How, for bigger bass?

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by lssufisherman, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. UkiahDog


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    Traverse City
    Nothing wrong with the hot summer... Just go deeper. Fall will obviously produce the fatest fish. But summer's good too.

    I was talking to a guy the other day about the water vs. lure size thing. I think it's all about the water. Also, I think when you get away from the shore and a little deeper they go up in size, at least in my experience. You need bigger water up north to produce a good enough foraging source for many fish. It's not like we're in Florida or anything. The water freezes up here. I think big water is the key. I also think the bigger the water, the deeper the big guys are. For instance, the lake I just caught my master angler in had a bunch of gar visibly spawning in the very shallow water. Pike do the same thing. It's a good, very big fishery, with lots of species. So I think the bass just get a little deeper, in good cover and hang out. I do well in 6 to 25 ft. regulary, you just have to get all the way down there. It might be hard to nail down the spots, but the lunker's are definately there, and probably deeper than you think.

    Also, I've caught the biggest fish in my life on small hooks and medium size lures. I was just in better, bigger water. You don't go throw a big lure in Lake St. Helen and expect a big Pike because you have a big lure on. Everyone knows there's stunted pike in there, it doesn't matter what you use, there are very few big one's there. They're there, but smart, and few and far between.
  2. addictivefishing12345


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    The best way to increase the size for bass you catch is to use swimbaits 8 plus inches . You won't get as many smaller fish but most people don't catch enough to them motivated using big swimbaits. Even though big swimbaits are expensive and are obviously bigger they produce bigger fish than all other techniques.

  3. piketroller


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    North East Kent County
    A777ACEA-982D-4457-981D-DB464A9D4C11.jpeg Big baits. Like Muskie sized work great after ice out in the spring. Here’s a 20 incher from early this year.