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how big and how high box blind?

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by shell waster, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. shell waster

    shell waster

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    Got a lot of great plans for an elevated box blind, need help on deciding how tall, and size. Going to bow and rifle hunt. Plan was to put up platform with pop up on top, with a rail around for safety this year. Then next year frame in permanent. Was first thinking 6 x 6 on 12'. I bought shawdow hunter elevators. Now thinking 8x8 but only going 10 feet up, just a lot less cutting. Need some advice. When bow hunting deer are going to be around 20 yards or less.
  2. dialed-in


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    Alma, MI
    My gun blinds are 6x6 and 8ft off the ground. Works pretty good.

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  3. old professor

    old professor

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    Chassell, Michigan
    I have one 5X5 ft blind and while it is fine for one person, it is crowded for two. (We are at the stage of introducing young persons to hunting). We just finished a 6X6 ft blind and it seems a good size for two people. As to how high off the ground, we have two at 5 ft and are about to build another and I am considering 8 or ten ft. I think the height of surrounding ground cover that you want to see over or through would determine the height. I do not like blinds that are so high of the ground that I get nose bleeds!
  4. Forest Meister

    Forest Meister

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    The last few years I have been seeing more and more box blinds, both elevated and on the ground, being built larger so they can accommodate cots or small permanent beds. Not sure if it is because the hunting population in general is getting older and needs a nap or because taking a nap at mid day makes it easier for anyone to stay in the woods all day. Either way, if I build another blind it will be at least 6x7 with a couple of windows low enough so all I have to do is roll over to look out! I'm also seeing more elevated blinds with steps rather than ladders but that's another topic.

    For guys like the old professor there are a surprising number of people who are building their own small hills, usually six to ten feet high, and putting their blinds on top. Often the blinds are on four foot legs to add a little more height. FM
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  5. agbuckhunter


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    I used the elevators with 12 ft legs and on a 5ft hill. 4x4 comfy for just me. I would build it like you said and then frame it next year while its upright. I did like the elevators video shows and tried tipping it up. Well I didn't buy there aluminum shack and mine was about 20x heavier. Long story short I had to use the loader to get it up. My next one will be on 16ft post and 5x5 so I can take the kid.

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  6. Luv2hunteup


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    At camp in the EUP if not on here
  7. KCRuger


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    Fenton Mi
    We have two the first one is 6x6 and is 17ft at the floor. The other is 8x8 and 12 feet at the floor with a spiral stair case instead of a ladder. We also have a cot in the 12 footer with insolation and windows. You can easily go out the night before and hunt the morning without ever leaving the blind. The blind is tall enough to put the bunk up over your head so it’s out of the way. The advantage is my Uncle is a carpenter.
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  8. 12Point


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    Proper size depends on 2 factors: number and direction of shooting lanes and number of people that will typically hunt in it. 5x5 is pefect for 1 person. Enough room for backpack, heater etc. 5x6 is pefect for 1 or sits 2 comfortably. 6x6 or 5x7 are perfect for 2 or possibly 3, but are too big for just 1 person. It will drive you crazy if you have to get up and move to look 360 degrees out of your blind. You can sit in the middle of a 5x5 or 5x6 and swivel your chair around 360 without much movement. If u built a 8x8 and tried to hunt by yourself and look out multiple windows, u would have to stand up and physically move to each window.

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  9. jatc


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    Our blinds are 5X5 and sit on a platform 6' high. Where we hunt this seems to be the ideal height, any higher and the tree canopy gets to be a problem without a ton of trimming. We ALWAYS play the wind, so 5' or 30' doesn't make a difference in that regard to us. We only gun hunt out of them though and we try to position them so MOST of the animals we are targeting are 75 - 100 yards away.

    We came up with a mobile base that is actually all steel pipe with large diameter skids on the bottom so we can hook on and move them around with a tractor or truck in order to take advantage of crop rotation and also adjust to how the deer respond to our habitat changes we have been implementing.

    5 X 5 is good for one guy, but it is awful tight for two. My boys and I make due, but I'm currently working on a 6' octagonal shaped blind that I think will work out better.
  10. Martian


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    Davison Mi
    I am considering doing the same thing. raised platform, with doghouse on top, followed by a structure on top. My dilema, is how do you do the roof? I considered a 8 x 8 platform,w/ a 6 x 6 box ont op to be able to work on the outside ,and have a platform to stand on, maybe 10-12 ft up. How far do you guys sink the support poles?
  11. S.B. Walleyes&Waterfowl

    S.B. Walleyes&Waterfowl

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    Bay City
  12. cataway


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    mine . if i remember right the floor is at 13' . its 6X7 which gives me enough room to lay down . ya i go out on the 14th at dark and spend the night in the blind
  13. sargent


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    Oceana Co.
    i made a elevated 5x5' blind out of my now grown daughters treated wood gym set. I also mounted it on a old car axle so i can tow it here and there with my tractor. the floor is 6' off the ground. works great as a one man blind.
  14. BruceDafter


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    Eastern UP the dimensions of mine also. Nice size for 1 person. You can sit right in the middle and see out the windows on 3 sides without much movement. Its on a 5' tall mobile base, but that is all I need to see over the top of the field grass. The field also slopes away from me, so I don't need it any taller. The mobile base has heavy timber skids on the bottom. It can be hooked up to a tractor or truck and moved if necessary. We built it 'pannelized' in the garage, then took the pieces out to the site and put them in place. Putting it together at the site probably only took an hour for my dad and me.