Hooks on Spoons and spinners?

Discussion in 'Gear Restrictions and Trout Fishing Regs' started by profisher777, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. profisher777


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    If im fishing Steelhead and salmon with spoons and spinners, do I need to remove the treble hooks and replace with single hook?
  2. kzoofisher


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    No, unless the gap on them is more than 3/8" and then you need to put on smaller trebles. I measured every spoon, spinner and crank I own and none of them were more than 3/8". This rule applies only to the Betsie, the unmentionable, Manistee from Tippy to Railroad Bridge below M-55 and Big Sable below Hamlin lake.

    From Aug. 1 - Nov. 15, inclusive, terminal shing gear is restricted to single-pointed, un-weighted hooks, measuring 1/2-inch or less from point to shank or treble hooks 3/8-inch or less from point to shank ONLY when attached to a body bait, plug, spinner or spoon.

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    Novi, MI
    My best advice I have will make me sound like a d*** but it is in your own best interest: Read the book for yourself.

    Case in point, you asked this general question, and got a mostly accurate answer. If you took your spoon with trebles to the Platte, you would be in trouble. Kzoo assumed the rivers you were fishing, you didn't mention which river....

    So I didn't mean to stir the pot, but I did want to show the importance of knowing the laws personally, and not thru hear-say.