Helix 7 CHIRP DI Sonar/GPS Combo G2

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    southern, mi
    what are your thoughts on this unit? am looking to replace a old eagle unit,, i know its OLD:) also how are the lake maps for this unit? i was told that if its got a public access it will show up on the map card? thinking of some of the small lakes in the upper lower peninsula area. looking for contour lines on these lakes rather than printing of paper maps.. thanks for any info.
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    I recently bought the Helix 7 SI/GPS G2N. I haven't spent much time with it on the water yet, but in the few times I have, I am pleased with it. The functionality and features are fairly simple to use.

    The Humminbird base map that it comes preisntalled with is limited in detail. If you're looking for good detailed contour lines I'd suggest upgrading to the Humminbird Lakemaster maps card. The have a decent amount of the largish lakes in Michigan mapped in their HD technology, which offer incredible contour line accuracy/detail, however, I feel that the non HD lakes offer plenty of detail for my needs as well. I was gonna post a link to the list of mapped lakes, but the Humminbird site isn't cooperating right now.

    Also, for all the lakes I've been to thus far the public access sites have been marked on the Lakemaster maps (not sure if they are on the base map or not).

    Anyway, that's my take on it, hope this helps. The Helix 7 is a nice piece of equipment.
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