Hats off to Big Jon and Frankfort's Tackle Box .

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    Just got back into Salmon fishing, bought a boat and the owner threw in 2 older Fishlander elect. riggers, (similar to Big Jon's Captain's Pak)
    They needed new motors, clutch systems and line. Called Big Jon and talked to Kevin, and he told me they still work on them as they were a take-off of Big Jon. Dropped them off and a few weeks later they had them up and running like new. Picked them up, asked a few questions then walked out of the factory with two track systems, pole holders, rigger mounts and some spoons.
    Have a nice pair of electric riggers at a price well below what those new Captain Pak's would have cost me.
    I then needed some cannon balls, looked around town, but no one had any. I called the Tackle Box in Frankfort, spoke with a very nice lady (wish I knew her name). She said they just received a shipment in and had just what I needed.
    Took a Sunday morning drive, she met me as I entered, remembered my call and was more than helpful. Walked out the store with two 12# weights, some spoons, flashers, a new net and two Daiwa 47LCB loaded with new line.
    It's nice to deal with companies and people like this.
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    It's always better to deal with the ma and pa places. They always take the time to make sure you get what you need.
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    And it is nice of you to recognize the store owners like this. One good turn deserves another.