Good old fashioned customer service is still alive...

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    Formerly Rochester Hills, Finally! Wellston
    I picked up a stack of pine boards and bookcases from a relative's back room a week ago.
    It's a bunk bed set I'm using for the grandkids.
    One part was stamped "Woodcrest 2 1999, Peru Indiana."
    I found their "Woodcrest" website and shot off a request for pictures/instructions or whatever might be available for a 20 year old set.
    10 minutes later I received a picture, instructions and a nice note from a Sr. sales person who'd been there 30 years..
    Got it all put together and sent a note of thank you, along with inquiring about a safety rail and ladder that were missing.
    Bang-Bang...10 minutes later I received a reply with a very reasonable price quote, sent credit card info and parts are on the way.
    Thank you Dave at Woodcrest for the excellent and prompt customer service.
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    You're doing fine! Children are our everything! My wife and I can't leave our children with our parents. They're too old-fashioned and don't understand modern gadgets at all. Even a mobile phone is a big mystery to them!) Recently, we asked them to look after Lisa and Jim and another story happened. Someone called and offered something for children at a low price. Of course, my parents decided to buy it and paid online. The seller then disappeared. I use this application and found out that they were scammers. Can it happen with others? I think, NO!