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Good duck call

Discussion in '' started by Jdhunttrapfish, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Mallat Bawb

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    I own a variety of different calls being a collector, and there are a ton that will do what you're looking for. With staying under $75 you may be able to find a nice used acrylic or wood call from a maker like Echo, C&S, GK or others... If you're a beginner I would suggest maybe sticking with a double reed setup as it will be easier to learn on & less frustrating. I personally use mostly C&S Custom Calls, and they offer a Justifier which can be tuned as we double reed. You can buy a New delrin off the website for $60+ shipping. Any questions feel free to message me & I'll help you out.
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  2. General Ottsc

    General Ottsc

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    I've got a couple of Duck Commander specialty calls that sound ok(wood duck, pintail whistle, teal)

    I also have a single reed call made by Panzerfaust Calls based out of Lapeer that I like a lot. I think I paid about $70-$75 for it.

    My go-to call though is a double reed call made by Cutt Down Game Calls based in Texas. I bought it when I worked at Gander Mountain years ago and it has served me well. Lots of their calls are around $30 which is what I think I paid for it.

    I hope this helps some.
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