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Glory Days.... is the fishing better today or 80 years ago?

Discussion in 'Warm Water Fishing Inland UP Lakes' started by Vertical jig, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Vertical jig

    Vertical jig

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    Southeast Michigan
    I spent many a day as a kid listening to my grandfather tell me stories about the fishing he had as a young man in Northern Wisconsin. I still remember the feeling of awe, wonder and regret that I never experienced that. Those stories help put me on a path of a love of fishing that has been a passion for 50 years. I wonder though... is the fishing today better than his time? A limit of walleye was rare for him and some to talk about for years when it occurred...the last couple years it is uncommon NOT to get your limit.. Muskie were big and mean back then but can't compare to the number of 50 inches that are in lake St Clair. perch bluegill and crappie fishing was great back then but if he saw the numbers and size of what my son and I catch he would be astounded!! Then there are bass... if he caught 5 in a day it would be time to smoke a cigar. Today it is not unheard of to catch and release 100. Is the present to new glory days?? Or is it because of out technology and state of the art equipment. I now one thing my knowledge of fish patterns is better. Is the fish now better? I sure wish he was alive to experience this. I can just hear him laugh and giggle catching 100 bass or catching some many walleye that you can go home with a selective harvest of the best eaters.
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  2. Forest Meister

    Forest Meister

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    Many factors may be involved but certainly one of them is not when he fished but where he fished. FM

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    I agree with Forest Meister, I think has a lot to do with where you fish. I have had incredible days on lakes like St. Clair, but have struggled in parts of the UP where I have seen huge catches in pictures when my father was young. My .02
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    Too far away
    Also, I would opine that it also depends on which specie of fish. For SM Bass and Muskie, yes, walleye, it depends, and big panfish and pike, not so much.
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