Gills on beds

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    So I noticed gills are on the beds but it seems I’m only seeing very small ones by the shore. Do bigger gills bed deeper by chance?
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    Sometimes but many times the beds are fished heavily and the dinks take over .No harm if it's a large lake but smaller lakes can lose their biggest breeders .The lake will recover but it takes time .I have seen beds 5 ft to 1 ft .
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    What I notice on the clear lake I fish is that the big gills will hit the shallow beds, but are real spooky. Catch one bull and the rest you catch will typically be small(er). If I find deeper beds, say 6-8 feet, the big guys will hang around and let you catch a few. Also, if the big ones get pushed off the shallow beds, you can frequently find them hanging off a nearby dropoff.
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    I think a lot of times people try to get to close to the beds and cause this to happen. I like to stay as far away from the shallow beds as possible to fish them The beds we have been fishing the last couple weeks are in about 6 foot of water and you can set right on top of them and catch fish. The water here is tea colored from the cedar swamps so I think that make a difference to. Jet skis will raise hell with shallow water beds also
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