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    I have a boat with 2 fuel tanks 1 main and 1 aux tank. On the dash it has a (rocker) switch to check the levels of fuel in each tank..Up main and down aux tank on the switch. Saturday morning it was working fine and went to check it later in the day and its not showing any level on either tank, so im guessing its not the floats in the tanks, unless they both went bad at same time (but to me unlikely to go out at same time). Im thinking it could be the rocker switch or the fuel gauge itself. I did hit a couple big waves and hit kinda hard comming down. Just checked all the connections on the switch and guage and also the fues blocks. Every thing was tight and connected as it should be. But did find 1 that was disconnected and that was the instrument lights.. So what are your thoughts the switch or guage or can both floats go at the same time?
    Any information or leads are appreciated. ..
    I did not pull up the floor panel to check the wires on each of the tanks either, but will be my next move. If need to be.
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    I would pull the wires off that switch and check for coroisson under them. They do a check with a meter on the switch. I like to use a little dielectric grease on them to help seal them
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