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Garmin Upper Midwest Fishing Guide on Micro SD Card

Discussion in 'GPS, GeoCaching, Outdoor Communications, Electroni' started by yooperkenny, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. yooperkenny

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    Howdy - Just upgraded from my eTrex to an Oregon 450T and so far I like it a lot.

    I have a Humminbird fishfinder (not a GPS combo) on my 16' Lund and plan on using the 450T there now instead of the eTrex. I have a RAM mount next to the HB and it works pretty well for me.

    I see that Garmin sells a micro SD card with lake maps - the Upper Midwest Fishing Guide.

    Does anyone here have any experience with these Garmin maps?

    How does it compare to the Lakemaster cards? I believe the 450T can use those but can anyone confirm?

    Any other options that have worked for you?

    Eventually I'll end up with a HB Combo on my Lund and the handheld will be just for land adventures, but at this point I'm looking for micro SD lake maps for this Oregon

    Thanks in advance....
  2. 7iron


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    I got my lakes chart chip at Frank's in Linwood, $199 worked ok in the GMAP62ST. The guy at Franks said it was good for the Great Lakes and a bunch of in-lang lakes. I'll know more when I get some time run a little more open water.