Game Camera Repair

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    If your camera will no longer power up, becomes intermittent or starts to consume batteries faster than normal here is an easy area to check before giving up and tossing it. Open the camera and locate the wires coming from the batteries to the circuit boards, look closely at the components in this area both sides of the board. You need to look for what is called "dendrite growth" a conductive growth that can short out components. Sometimes it can get to the point of causing damage to components most of the time the camera just stops working and the growth can be cleaned with a brush and alcohol. I have fixed a number of camera for this issues and thought I would share. Most of the time the growth will appear across a capacitor the one I just fixed was green in color but could also look gray. The first few time the growth makes it way from one side to the other it will usually blow open like a fuse (see :28 of 2nd video) until it gets strong enough to handle the current.

    If you have access to conformal coating you can apply some after clean up but be careful because it can wick to areas you don't want it to go like connectors or camera lens.


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