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Discussion in 'Lost and Found' started by eagle eyes, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. eagle eyes

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    I found someones tackle today in the Linwood Beach Marina area. It may be some kids. Contact me here.
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  2. 22 Chuck

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    Montmorency Co, MI
    I guess we all need to put some ID on all our stuff.

    Some finders will attempt to return if they have any inkling as to the owner. Other not so much.

    Go to some trappers mag and get some copper name tags.
    Some finders will return.

    I got a shooting bag back about 4 yrs ago cause Id labelled it.
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  3. pikestalker


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    Fenton/East Tawas MI
    Never thought of putting my number on tackle box. Good thought. Now if we could train the rest of the people to be better people. Of course I have returned 2 wallets in my life. 1st I probably screwed up, the wallet was loaded with cash. I gave it to the gas station attendant (1984), He probably pocketed the cash and tossed the wallet. 200 and something I find another wallet ironically across the street from where I found the other wallet. I took it to the police station. They treated me like a criminal. Some times doing right is a hassle. I will always try to do right though. At least I hope.
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  4. 6Speed

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    SE Michigan
    Been doing this for years...
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  5. Big Skip

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    It's amazing how many things have gotten back to their owners in the years I've been on here.

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    6Speed- Me too. I started doing it in the late 80’s and been doing non stop. A lot of my stuff I use a all weather marker and fanny packs and back packs I put the luggage tag on them. I even do it with my hunting coats and gun cases. Heck back like in I think 1990 my buddy set his bow on my tailgate as we got out of our hunting clothes and back into our regular clothes we were talking about what we seen that evening and then drove away:eek:. When we got back to his house He sees the tailgate down bow case gone!! We looked everywhere. And then three days later a knock on the door a guy brought it all the way back to his house from Stockbridge. I had put a piece of duct tape on the inside of his bow case with his name and address one day while we were target shooting. It was kinda of odd because we were all standing around drinking pop and I ripped off six inches of duct tape and did mine then I did everyone else’s . He tried to give the guy fifty bucks he wouldn’t take it. He told my buddy that he would hope that he would do the same for him. I have a buddy who does all his with a soldering iron or a power scriber.
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  7. Far Beyond Driven

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    West siiiide
    Picked a goose floater off 131 a couple years ago 150 miles from my house. Name, no phone number. Rigging was unique.

    Hunted with a guy from here later this year. Rigging looked familiar but his name was in the decoys. So I asked. He'd just bought them used and had not put his contact info on them yet before the middle opener, and on the way home a couple bounced out of his boat.

    Too funny that a decoy he loses 100 miles away finds its way back to him.
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  8. Buddwiser


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    Chesterfield Twp.
    True story.....Many years ago (mid 70's) the Sterling Heights Police Dept. loaned out an engraving tool for the public to use to identify their stuff in case of recovery after a theft. Someone stole the engraver.
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