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Discussion in 'Center Pin Fishing' started by steelymike, May 28, 2006.

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    I've been shopping for a float rod and have noticed that some rods have a fixed reel seat and others have sliding rings. What is the difference between the two and which way is better? I figured the fixed seat would be better but I"m not sure. Any help will be appreciated
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    The reason many Float Rods have sliding rings is due to the fact so many people have different opinions on where they want there reel seat placement. With the sliding rings everyone can be happy. I use the Loomis USA IMX and like where it's fixed reel seat is placed which to me is better because I do not want tape on my reel seat "just personal preference". The sliding rings vs. fixed reel seat really does make a rod any better just allows you to chose your reel placement. If you don't mind tape on your reel seat then sliding rings are usually cheaper. Or if you really want a rod that is only available with sliding rings you can always buy it that way and have a rod builder change out the grip/reel seat for you to your specs....

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    As the Steelhead Bum alluded to, for me, sliding rings were good for just beginning and when I really didn't have a comfort point yet where I wanted the reel to sit. Also, if you use multiple reels of differing weights and want to change the seat position based on how it balances the rod, having sliding rings can come in handy. Another situation is buying a factory rod "blind" and not knowing exactly how it will best balance for your reel.

    Other than that, a fixed reel seat would be a good way to go, especially if custom making your float rod to balance out with a particular reel. My .02 anyways.