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Fletchers Pond

Discussion in '' started by griffonguy, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. griffonguy


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    Well two great days of hunting, and funny time at others expence!! I seen some stuff you can't forget!! Birds are there just no one wanted to work hard at it. they shot the crap out of the divers,and three motors later there they got a eater duck!! I played nice and had the whole north, and west end for two days to shoot all the eater ducks up. I guess you have to put the workin to get the puddle ducks. which I and freind did, they just keep ripping there gear all up,asked if they didn't know the pond was full of stumps and how you need watch where you going. They asked you need a surface drive motor to hunt here? I said no need a light and go slow, I did help them get back one of other break downs. I told them to follow me out to north and they would help the ducks move around more if there where more people. They stayed on the divers and it was nice to help others. But they didn't want to go that far to shoot mallards or eater ducks. They just kept saying man you guys were on the x no just work at it hard. I told them to come play withus and you too would shot some green tops and geese. good times,
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    quack head

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    Pulled into the state launch late sat morning and talked to three different groups. All had the same thing to say. I know better then to be lazy about hunting the pond. A little muscle and thougt goes along way there. It's the difference between getting some and getting none. Glad to hear you hit'em