Ever had someone follow you to hunt your public spots?

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Sasquatch Lives, Oct 28, 2020.

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    Central MI
    Several years back I shot a very nice buck on public land. Had a couple guys hunting the same road I was on and obviously heard me shoot. One guys truck had a very distinctive front license plate on it and the next time I go to hunt my same spot he's parked there. Must have found my gut pile after snooping around after I left. Well, Ok i think, i have a couple other good spots so hunt one of them. Next time I see the same truck parked at THIS spot too! Well then it happens one more time in a different spot. Finally run into the guy and asked him about these spots and he says oh I've been hunting them for years which is total bs because I have been hunting them for years and never seen this clown. This dude must have just driven around looking for my vehicle and tailgating my hunting spots. Anyway, this area has grown up over the past couple years and no longer holds deer like they used to so I have moved on but I noticed this guy is still hunting them and not killing shat. Anyone else had this happen? I have a different vehicle now. Have shot one more big buck up there but not last year.
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    Montcalm Co.
    Had a guy take over a trail I'd lightly cleared the deck of and pruned dead limbs to get a wheelchair through. He put a stand at the end of it by cutting live limbs off a pine , and kept it baited.
    Then blocked the trail to parking by parking at the road.
    And...put junk tires across the trail to parking when he wasn't parked in front of it.
    I was getting annoyed,needless to say.
    I left him a note ; then hunted elsewhere.

    Earlier that season a sign was put up about somebody's kids trail cam being stolen on that site.
    So it was getting well out of hand...

    If anyone knows the site and owns the stand , you're a wiener!
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  3. The front license plate didn’t say sparky did it?

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  4. stickbow shooter

    stickbow shooter

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    I have had family and supposed friends move in on spots I've hunted in the past. So no longer tell the truth on where I hunt.
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  5. FullQuiver


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    Family is the worst... Lost 2 great spots over relatives trespassing on property I was given permission to hunt and they just trespassed and when caught through my name out like it was a get out of jail free card.. I had said no such thing about them having the ability to be on said property but property owners said don't come back..
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  6. jiggin is livin

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    Urban sprawl of Arenac
    I have never had that happen, thank God. That would be super annoying.

    Was this up by where you and I had talked about in PM's?
  7. Multibeard2


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    Never deer hunting as I only hunt my own property any more or other proeprty that I have permission on.
    One time I had sole permission to trap a big piece of property. As I walked up to a set that Ihad been dealing with a trap shy fox that I had finallly caught. As I got closer I relaized the fox was not in my trap but some one elses. Who ever set the trap had sprung mine as I could see the boot print. After pulling the trap there was no tag on the trap but I recongnized the trap stake was that of a kid I taught how to trap.
    I killed the fox and was headed to the kids house to chew him out when I saw the land owner. When I told him what happened. I was going to take the fox and trap and give them to him. He told me to keep the fox as it was up to him who took a fox off of his land. The kid was not home so I alid it on the line

    One time when I was scouting turkeys in the spring I realized that there was some on following me. I only stopped and called where I knew that there we not any tukeys. I would give him the indication I had heard toms gobble. I hope the jerk wasted a bunch of time hunting turkeys at those spots
  8. wildcoy73


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    Grand Rapids
    Has happen, now for the most part we wait until after dark to bring anything to the road.
    Does not draw as much attention, and most don't think twice about it since I am the last one out of the woods on a non deer day.

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    SE Michigan
    Never had it happen deer hunting, but duck hunting is another story. I used to have Ducks Unlimited stickers on my truck and I can't tell you how many times I would have trucks drive by slow and look at my truck, and then I would see that truck parked in there the next time I go out to hunt it...needless to say I have wised up and taken all stickers off my truck. Decals just advertise to everyone what you are up to. I'm about to cover my whole back window with those marathon distance stickers so everyone thinks I'm out there running the trails haha:D
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    I havent had anyone actually follow me, but I had a guy that watched where I was coming from over the course of a couple seasons and then move into my area with one of his buddies.
    It went from a great spot to a dead zone once they found it.
    The first time I saw him I didn't think a lot, but ran into him in the parking lot and he told me he'd seen me bring several nice bucks out of an area over a couple years and kept pushing farther back until he found my stand.
    Him and his buddy never got anything to my knowledge, but they wrecked the area and I moved on.
  11. TrailMarker


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    I actually had this happen a little bit, mentioned that I thought a certain spot would be good based on what I was seeing happen there this year and someone moved in on it. Hahah I should get a case of beer if he gets one in that spot.
  12. retired dundo

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    I ever show pictures of nice bucks I get to anyone that lives close to me.Evan if they don’t hunt because they tell friends that hunt and then they hunt on neighbors as close as they can to me.What I do is show them pictures of a few does and tell them that’s all I get.I allways cry to them about never seeing any bucks.It works when I do shoot one I don’t display it in open.If they see it I tell them I got it at a friends farm five miles away
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    N.E. St. Clair County

    Just need one, a PETA anti hunting group!
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  14. DirtySteve


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    Maybe add some nice rainbow stickers or something similar!
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  15. Nostromo

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    Pretty much the exact same scenario. UP, both of us downstaters. Claimed to have been hunting there for years when in fact I had.
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