Emergency egress window

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    Has anyone installed an emergency egress window in their basement? Looking for some general info on cost estimating and Things to look for when talking to contractors.
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    West Michigan
    Put two in a few years ago when I finished ours. Only work I had done by others was the saw cutting..... and that was only after I compared the effort and the cost to just having someone else with the right equipment do it. Cutting was about $600.

    They leave it standing though, and you remove, dispose, dig the hole, etc, so maybe not for everyone.... though just about everyone could.

    Probably had a three-ish grand into doing the two of them by the time I rented a mini to dig the holes, paid the sawcutters, bought the windows, and framed out the wells with tiered treated timbers and stone.... can't compare to quotes, because I didn't get any.

    If you do choose to dig in, just make sure you check your water table and soil type... and to flash and seal the windows correctly. Seen way too many water issues from people just slapping them in.

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    oceana county
    Grand Rapids Glass Block put one in my GFs daughters basement. I was impressed with the workmanship. it was a double hung window if I remember right. By pulling a lever the whole thing opened up out of the way so it was easier to get out.

    I do not know how far they travel to work. YOU might be able to find some one in your area that installs the same window. www.grandglass block.com it says on the web site they work all over the state. The picture in the web site looks like it is a casement window not a double hung.
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    The trick (if I can call it that) is to over-dig the window well enough that you can just flop the concrete slab out and leave it there.
    Other than that, just be sure that the area drains well.
    Good luck. Your basement will be the better for it.
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