Dropping Centerpin in Sand

Discussion in 'Center Pin Fishing' started by AddictedMichigan, Apr 11, 2020.

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    Anyone ever had this happen before? I forgot how sandy it was where I was standing, set my centerpin down, and BOOM, seemed like the whole beach was in my reel. Managed to get the majority of it out, but one grain snuck into a bearing and there was a little bit of a grinding feeling when reeling in. Anyone have experience cleaning out their centerpin from a similar mishap, or do you guys handle your reels in a certain way to avoid this situation?
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  2. anticipation


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    Pretty much every time I fish as long as it isn’t to cold a dunk in the river will usually get it spinning again .probably is not in the bearings but between the spool and backplate doesn’t take much .i toss my reels down after landing every fish if they get to bad I’ll take the spool off and clean but that’s usually at the end of season.i know a lot of guys baby there reels but not me I buy them to use and abuse them , but that’s just me .

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    Novi, MI
    Definitely happens from time to time even with careful handling. I try to lean my rod up against a tree, bush, or something nearby when I can, but it’s not always an option. If I can I’ll throw the pouch on unless I’m dealing with a beached fish I intend to release.

    As suggested, when it happens I usually just give it a quick dunk, sometimes with an underwater spin and it will clear it out. Definitely not the best sub freezing option though. If it’s just a small grain, creating a tick now and then, I’ll just let it ride and usually after a few casts it’ll work it’s way out. If it’s a full out grind from a solid sandy drop, I have had to take the spool off river side a couple times in the past.
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    West Michigan
    Unfortunately, this does happen. I always carry baby wipes with me for this and other purposes. I start by wiping the exterior of the reel off. I have a Raven so the screw is easily removed. I then wipe the inside of the backplate and the the spool. I take another clean wipe and hit everything again. I then run a finger over the inside of the backplate to find any remaining sand.
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    keep a couple paper towels and q-tips in my pouch just for this. its amazing how bad the grinding sounds. if my truck started making half that terrible noise i'd immediately pull over and call for a tow. lol
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