Don’t Be a Fawn Kidnapper! Leave White-Tailed Deer Alone

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    Leave baby Bambi alone!

    That’s the advice of our county’s wildlife biologist as we move into the height of white-tailed deer fawn births from April through July.

    You may encounter white-tailed deer fawns motionless and without their mother, then mistakenly assume they are orphaned or abandoned. In almost all cases, fawns are only temporarily left by their mothers for protection and need no human intervention.

    If you see a fawn that appears abandoned, leave it alone,” says Katherine Edwards, the county’s wildlife biologist. “People don’t often see that mother deer return at dawn and dusk to move and/or nurse their young. Keep children and pets away and give the fawn space to allow the doe to return to its baby.”

    If you have already handled or “rescued” a fawn, and less than 24 hours have passed, you should return it immediately to the exact place where you found it. Its mother will be looking for it. Don’t be a fawn “kidnapper”!

    You should only seek help for a fawn if it is showing obvious signs of injury or distress, such as wandering and crying incessantly, eyes swollen, has visible wounds or broken bones, or if there is a dead lactating doe nearby. If an animal is displaying these signs, contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, veterinarian or the Animal Protection Police for further assistance and instruction.
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    Leelanau Co.
    CO pulled in my yard one night after dark and flipped his lights on for a second to let me know it was him. I went out and he had a young couple in the truck that had picked up a fawn near my house. He asked me about family groups in the area and if I had seen does with fawns, which I had. I told him where they generally cross the highway which was right where they picked it up, so he released it within 100 yards of where they picked it up, but away from the road.

    Funny, because he gave them a pretty God a$$ chewing about picking up fawns. :lol:

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    Two years ago, took its picture and then it laid down and I left the area.
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    I'm not picking one up ever....Not breaking mother natures rules...These are wild animals...Reality is bad things happen everyday in the animal kingdom...If people can't comprehend this, not sure what to tell them...

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    A couple of does stash their fawns in my hayfield every spring. Before first cutting they wander all over my place. Hearing fawn bleats coming from the tall grass is normal. Seems they bleat the most in the evening. I think it's when they are hungery, just like a baby crying for mom. Doesn't mean they are abandon just want some attention.
    I routinely see them nursing right next to my woodpile and woodshed. Even had an errant fawn dart into the open barn door once. It wouldn't leave and I ended up carrying it back to the field to get it out of the barn. That fawn hung around more than most and would come up to me or my daughter and let us scratch its ears all summer. Once it grew up it started keeping its distance.
    I'm expecting to start seeing this years little ones any time.
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    Had a couple hiding in tall grass on the 10th hole at Pierce Lake in Chelsea two years ago.
    My buddy had sliced and we looking for the ball and found the fawns. We laughed, left them alone and found his golf ball.
    Had another drop right on the ATV trail at Indian Lake. Don't know if it was the Honda or Mom just out wandering with her fawn.
    As I came down the trail they ran across, but Mom must have grunted something because the fawn just dropped right in the middle of the trail. I had to push it off the trail as it wasn't about to disobey Mom and wouldn't move no matter what. It got up after I had it off the trail and ran away from where Mom had gone. I have no doubt they hooked back up later.
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    Found one about a week and a half ago that couldn't walk yet. I say it again about 5 days later and it was stumbling around. 20180512_112623.jpg
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