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DNR Fines

Discussion in 'General Michigan Hunting' started by -, Nov 26, 2000.

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    1. Does anyone know how much in Fines the DNR of Michigan collects each year ?

    2. How is this Money collected in fines used ?
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    The DNR does not collect anything in fines. All the fine money goes to the county where the violation was committed. There is a conservation fee and restitution that does go to the Fish & Game Protection Fund. These amounts are $10 conservation fee for each hunting or fishing ticket and restitution for fish and game that the law provides for. Any marine, snowmobile, orv etc., ticket the state gets zero. For example:

    Hunting without a license in Barry County, total fines and costs, which is entirely up to the judge in that county within the minimum and maximum by law say is a total of $70 = $40 fine + $30 court costs. The F & G fund would get $10, Barry County gets the rest.

    Another example:

    Illegal killing of a deer, fine $200 + $100 court costs + $1000 restitution + loss of hunting license + 5 days in jail. F & G Protection Fund would get $1010 and the county gets the rest.

    Realize the majority of the tickets do not involve restitution.

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    thanks very much for your replys
    i just wondered how they treated that. i am sure you have a busy agenda nd thank you for your time in this matter and other matters as well. Your a definiate asset to this forum

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