Diamond Naturals Exteme Athelete?

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    I got turned on to Dr. Tims by Scott Townsend when I picked up a GSP from him.

    Both the GSP and setter are on it. I mix it 75-25 Dr. Tims/Kirkland Premium Chicken. I've had over a dozen dogs over the past 15 years and have tried all of the feeds mentioned in this thread, but none have given the dogs the stamina and healthy coats that I'm getting from the Dr. Tims mix. Nice shiny coats with much less shedding than in the past. The setter goes 6 hours and still has some in reserve at the end of the day. Easy cleanup, too. But in the end the results depend on your dog's tolerance for the feed. I've found it's been trial and error.
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    We're using the 4health salmon and potatoes, not the grain free. I believe 4 health and Kirkland are both made by Pioneer. The 4 health uses barley for it's grain. The issues u believe with grain free is only when it uses certain legumes that are bad for the heart. Some grain free are avoiding those now, I believe. We previously used Kirkland grain free salmon for our Newfy, my ice fishing buddy. Ended up putting her down at 6 years, to soon. She quit eating, the vet suspected a cancer involving her thyroid or something. Didn't suspect a heart issue, so not real sure. I'll probably grab a bag of PPP for Gibby and start mixing it in. Use to get Purina for my old flatcoat retriever before there was costco.

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    I used the Costco chicken formula on my last shorthair and she did fine. I give it to my lab because he’s retired and I can’t beat the price for it