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    Hey guys, over this season I have learned more about my own property. Mainly, in the past 5 years of owning it I held off on setting up deer blinds as I wanted to understand the deer movement well enough before placing something permanent. After this season I feel confident in 2 seperate locations for elevated deer shacks.

    One question I have though. Let's say a deer blind is elevated 8 ft. Or 10 ft. In the timber. Are older bucks smart enough to stay away, or be deterred by deer blinds? Do they reroute travel patterns at all in your experience? Not factoring in scent or approach, but just that a deer blind is placed in a traveled area by big bucks. Do they care?

    I have a great spot picked out on a ridge, but wondering if a blind would do more damage than it's worth?
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    I do not use my permanent blinds to bow hunt out of. When I do hunt out of them it’s during firearms or muzzleloader season. Older bucks are not alive long enough to notice them if I’m hunting out of them. My property is different than most, it’s thick with the exception of the openings I made for food plots. I get lots of daytime movement and shoot very few deer in the first or last hour of legal shooting light.

    The deer leave the heavy cover and spend their night in the open hayfield eating, loafing and socializing. During the day they bed but are up and feeding in the food plots if anything is left by the time the season rolls around. The older does will keep an eye of the blinds. We can’t shoot them up here so the probably have picked up scent when passing by over the previous half dozen seasons.

    Set your blind back from where you expect deer to travel. Play the wind along with your entry/exit routes. In time they will get used to the structure.

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    "In time they will get used to the structure."

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    Put it in the shadow as far back as you can and build it early like now if you could.
    Far back meaning can you shot 50 yards 60-100etc. How far can you see at that height meaning can you clear shooting lanes back in the thickets. That would be your best bet

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    Older bucks are not smart enough to avoid blinds, they are smart enough to avoid areas with human stink. We've shot a good amount of bucks from 2 blinds, 8ft & 20ft.
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    A blind in place long before season is not a big concern to avoid.
    Use of a blind is. Or any change on or around it. Scent left can be noted anytime after hunter is gone , and may pose more threat than the blind. But if associated...Might be enough to avoid the location in the near future.

    I get looked at with suspicion by "regulars" /homebodies when I open a fabric window. That dark slot is not normal. (A genius might have painted the fabric black where windows exist when closed...) They don't run off and are often enough re-sighted as they wander , but they do study briefly. Just as they study everything else.
    Still , at times they come quite close after when not finding anything threatening from first study of what caught their eye.
    The oldest buck this year was interested in other deer and ignored the blind till too late had a shot been desired.

    Took a ten point at close range from a permanent blind before.
    How many years he knew it existed is unknown. But he was not fretting about it being there at all....
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    In late September I put out a new permanent ground blind on the edge of a field not far from 2 of my ladder stands. I saw some nice bucks walk within 10' of it within weeks of being set up. I had a few pics of a 10 pointer walking next to it. I was truly amazed that they adjusted to it so quickly.