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Discussion in 'Whitetail Deer Disease' started by swampbuck, Dec 31, 2018.

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    I have an off the wall suggestion and question about the absence of White Cedar for deer. I have been wondering if the lack of cedar browse might be playing into disease in deer.

    Before I explain why I suspect their "might" be some connection let me explain that I am partially Anashinabe heritage on both sides of my family. There is a long tradition of using Cedar in various ways as an anti-bacterial and as an anti-viral. Humans don't eat cedar browse but we do make teas and poultice and sweat lodge smoke.

    However deer flock to cedar and browse it so heavily it is virtually impossible to grow. Once cedar is gone it generally is not coming back naturally. Over many years loggers have prized cedar and every year more of it is removed.

    Cedar browse by deer has always been a major deer yard feature. Yet cedar browse does not provide great food for deer yet deer will eat it even when better food is right near, I have begun to wonder if deer browse cedar for the medicinal value? I am just saying "What if"? And maybe this is crazy. Yet animals seem to naturally know what they need to heal themselves. The Anishinabe have always used cedar. My Great-great grandmother healed my grandfathers leg when it was badly infected. She healed it with a cedar poultice. She did this long before humans had modern antibiotics. His leg was badly infected and the white doctors wanted to remove it. She kicked the white man doctors out of the home and wouldn't allow them in to see my grandfather.

    It might be a long shot but it might be worth some investigation. Again just an idea?
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