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Clarkston Basketball Transfer Ruled Ineligible

Discussion in 'High School and College Basketball' started by Liver and Onions, Dec 29, 2017.

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    This whole situation is completely ridiculous. Did the kid transfer for athletic reasons? Of course he did. So what's wrong with that. If another kid transfers to better equip himself for the rigors of a top rated academic institution ( ex. Duke, Harvard, Northwestern), nobody gets worked up about that. In fact, they would compliment the kid for being proactive in getting himself better prepared. This failed logic is another example of adults trying to feel important and powerful at the expense of a kid. It's shameful. Transferring for athletic reasons goes on all the time with kids transferring to parochial schools or out of state football or basketball powerhouses to have a better chance of getting a scholarship. In fact, Kithier's previous school took a kid the year before under very similar circumstances. Just absurd. Let the kid play.
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