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Cisco chain vs TFF?

Discussion in 'Warm Water Fishing Inland UP Lakes' started by Cable, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Cable


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    My dad and I would take a trip up to the Cisco chain every year but we haven't been in awhile but this year we are thinking of heading over to TFF in Wisconsin. My dad wants to fish walleye and I'm more for the musky so if any of you have fished both how do they compare? Thanks
  2. shametamer


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    Gee, if you want walleye flambeau is better, they are natural there and no size limit (last i was there), but bag limits were 3...Wisconsin is, always has been Musky opportunities are good for them ..the outdoor experience is better on flambeau as there are less pleasure boaters do to all the underwater dangers..if you troll check wisconsin regs as for years you could not inland, last year you could..downside wisconsin dnr are real sticklers for every issue, especially cleaning your boat when exiting/entering their waters..always found the non resident annual license to be a good value(if you are a michigander fishing wisconsin)