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Discussion in 'Center Pin Fishing' started by AddictedMichigan, Apr 14, 2020.

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    So I originally bought a really cheap centerpin off Amazon for $60. It originally spun for about 30 seconds, but through adding oil and loosening the middle holding screw a little bit, it spun for about 2.5 minutes. Eventually returned it due to the clicker breaking, and decided to purchase more expensive centerpin reels this time. I bought a Rapala Riverrat, which originally cost $400, so I thought it should be easily able to spin for 2 minutes out of the box. It only spun for 1 minute! I was wondering if spin time necessarily matters? Also, does spin time have any relation to how easy the centerpin casts? I struggled with the cheap centerpin, but also think that maybe that had to do with the amount of weight on the rig as I was only running 2 split shots on my line
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    taylor michigan
    I just did spin time on all my reels. Center pins are not the easiest thing to learn to cast with light weight on the line. Spin times really don’t mean anything to me when it comes to start up and how well the reel fishes. But was curious because I never did it.

    Jwyoung purist 2- 2:15
    Raven sst 2- :50
    Brand new dr2- 1:07
    Chinese reel- 2:30

    The raven sst has great start up even with the low spin time. It also has a very light spool and a tension nob turned to what I fish it at, so that might have something to do with it.
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    I have heard of guys putting some masking tape on the handles and then putting their reel in the airstream of an electric fan (making a little windmill), then letting it spin for a few days to break it in a bit, that might help??

    I would also add that while I am no expert, it really helped me to have more weight on my rig when I was first learning to cast it. YMMV of course.
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    I do agree - spin times are honestly irrelevant in my eyes. Startup is far more important. I usually judge a reel by a quick blow of air to a handle, and see how easily it starts up.

    Breaking in the bearings in front of a fan might prove beneficial. However I can say after running my first Milner for a year or so, the second one took off like a bat out of hell with zero break in. To the point I was actually having some surprise overruns and needing to feather far more than expected.
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    Reel weight also comes into play. How heavy the spinning spool is , makes it spin longer. I agree, the start up is more important. I’ve been centre pinning for over 40 years. My reels spin from 4-6 minutes with one hard spin. All my reels have abec 7 bearings; they’re smoother and have less drag on them and quieter than ceramic and I find ceramic bearings have a rumble sound and feel. Check out “canadafishingreels” by Wayne Petroven. In my opinion, they’re the best on the market right now for quality and craftsmanship. There’s quite a bit of a waiting list for one though, but well worth the wait. The tolerances between all openings and the front spool and back plate are unbelievable. Cheers and good luck with your pinning excursions.
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