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Catch & Release lakes...

Discussion in 'Lk. St. Clair and St. Clair River' started by -, May 27, 2000.

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    I noticed in the new fishing regulations that a favorite Oakland County lake I fish is no longer catch & release. As far as I can tell there are no lakes in southeast Michigan now considered catch & release. I'm going to miss the likelyhood of catching 22" bass with some regularity at this lake as I know it won't be long before it, like many other smaller public lakes with no special reg's, will be gutted soon with nothing left but stunted bluegills.
    With so many lakes in Michigan wouldn't it be nice to have a few close to the metro area set aside for some trophy warm water fish? This was a smaller lake and was just about perfect for float tubing on a lazy afternoon.
    Who do you call or write to see if a lake or two in Oakland County can be set aside for C&R?
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    I am not aware of any lake in Oakland County being designated a "Catch and Release Only" lake. What I do know is there are certain lakes that catch and release fishing for Bass before the regular season opens is allowed.

    Is this what you are talking about? If not, where in the regs did you read about "Catch and Release Lakes"?

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    Last year there most certainly was a lake in N. Oakland county designated catch and release. I'm not sure it was listed in the reg's, but it had a sign stating experimental catch and release only. This lake became C&R several years ago and every year it remained so until the year 2000. It kind of shocked me when I was there earlier this year and saw the C&R sign gone. I asked a ranger if the sign was simply broken off again by vandals and he told me regular regulations now apply. I was told by others who were there how many nice fish they hauled out of the lake this winter while ice fishing.
    I think the bigger problem taking a lake off C&R without another plan or lake in the area to take it's place is those who would never practice C&R will swamp the lake now knowing there are some lunkers there for the taking.
    I did track down and talk to the DNR fisheries chief for that area (it used to be run by the Lapeer district I believe)and he wasn't even aware there was a lake in Oakland designated C&R. He got my telephone number and said he would call me back when he found more information on why the lake was taken off C&R, that was 5 weeks ago!
    I really don't want to mention the name of the lake here because a lot of people may not know about this lake and, by the amount of traffic this lake DID NOT get last year, the opportunity might still exist to catch a few whoppers there. I'm sure that will all change as soon as word gets out.
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    I used to fish a catch and release lake in North Oakland county. Me and my buddy would be the only ones on the lake but was a samll lake (40 acres max?) with a dirt boat launch. I am thinking that it is the same one that you are talking about, does it begin with an "A"? I knew that it was for only a few years but we always had good luck and it was a great place to take a beginner to get started in bass fishing. What a shame!
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    Peddler, I agree that at least one catch and release lake in south eastern Michigan should be able to be set aside. Its too bad that people have to be so greedy.
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    Well, I got back to this lake yesterday afternoon (6-19) at about 2:00. The fishing was pretty good. I fished a school of crappy that hang out in a certain area then moved on to some bass fishing. I managed a few nice ones and a few dinks. The 'gills were hitting as long as I kept the fly size down. I floated my kick boat through the lily pads and saw some nice bass (didn't seem to be as many as in other years) and was suprized to see 'gills still on their beds.
    At about 4:30 fishing alone was history. By 5:00 their was 6 other boats on this little lake, more than I have seen in all the years I fished this lake, even on weekends! The bite seemed to have stopped with all the racket these other boats made so maybe there is hope to squeeze off one or maybe two more decent years of fishing with hope of catching (and releasing) nice size bass before this lake is gutted.
    If any of you are interested, I would like to post back here with the name and telephone number of the D.N.R. fisheries employee responsible for OUR Oakland County lakes. Maybe if enough of us ask him we can get a couple smaller Oakland County lakes set aside for quality fishing through catch & release. I sure would like to see my kids catch and catch again some memorable 'hawg bass instead of the traditional dinky bluegill that infest most lakes around here.