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Canoe hunting

Discussion in '' started by riskybiz09, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. John Singer

    John Singer

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    Sebewaing, MI
    Do not get out of a canoe in waist deep water. Only get in and out in knee deep water or shallower.

    If you need a contraption to stabilize a canoe, you really need a boat.
  2. DirtySteve


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    Alot of good points on here. I will add my thoughts.

    As some have said not all canoes are the same. Some are strictly river canoes and some are more of a flat bottom That are far more stable. Mine is a really long aluminum flat bottom that has a keel along the bottom to help from being pushed around by the wind on a lake.

    One other factor.....some peoole just don't know how to canoe. Others have great balance and can handle them just fine. I have been in canoes with people who have a horrible sense of balance and dont have the ability to step into a canoe much less paddle. I don't get it but we are all different I guess. I have spent a lot of time throughout my entire childhood and adulthood in a canoe and i have never tipped a canoe by accident. Lots of wars with cousins over the years and intentionally tipped them but never when i didnt want to be wet.
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  3. goosebandit2


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    I have the same canoe you are buying and we shoot out of it all the time with no issues.
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  4. BFG


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    Bro in law dumped me out (as he was getting in) in knee deep water on the last day of the season many years ago at Pointe Mouillee. It was only about 20 degrees. That was a looooong paddle back. I believe that was before they made the Lautenschlager (sp?) unit part of the Federal Refuge. Gun, coat, everything...had to be dug off the bottom.

    We never shot from the canoe. We would put the canoe in front of us in the reeds and use it as something onto which we could put our guns, etc. etc. and it also gave us something to hold onto when we shifted our weight in the muck. We did the same thing with the 12' boat we would take in there. Birds never seemed to mind.

    When we used to hunt PM a lot, the water was too deep for swamp seats anyways. I would much rather sit on or stand behind a rat hut than sit on a swamp seat.

    All canoes are not created equal, but some big bastards like me should just stay out of them.