can field corn be broadcast

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    hi all, I have a one row planter, push behind type. do I have to do it this way or can I broadcast it and then drag a light rake over it to get it covered? I'm guessing it needs to be planted in rows by the planter that gets it 1 inch deep. I don't have a cultapacer. I plowed today and I will till it to make it smooth, if I do that can I broadcast? I'm doing round up ready corn in garden this year so I can get the weeds under control. (garden is fenced in summer to keep deer out then in fall I take fence down so deer can have the rest) kind of a food plot next to my food plot, but the weeds are bad last few years and I'm not the weeding type (time). thanks for any help. good luck and stay safe.
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    You can broadcast corn, it just makes it tougher to spray if you are using a tractor is all. If you have any wheeled vehicle, you have a psydo cultipacker, just use the tires! Fair warning, you need some volume to plant if you want any left by season. Deer, coons, squirrels, etc all raid heck on a small plot of corn in short time.
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    I have seen nice corn plots that we brodcast. Make sure to top dress the corn with 46/0/0 when it's about a foot tall before a good rain. I also say you will need volume the critters can eat a lot.
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