Camera lost near Red Bridge

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    My son lost a camera at the Red Bridge access site on the Manistee River. His posting:

    Lost!!! Olympus OM-1 Camera $50 Reward (Harrietta)

    I think I left my camera by the Red Bridge River Access into the Manistee River. It would be somewhere in the DIRT parking lot on the EAST SIDE of the river, likely on the ground near a tree. Looks like the camera in the picture, with a black Sony camera strap attached.

    Try these coordinates in Google Maps:
    44.283219, -85.859161

    Thank you!!!

    He has already contacted the NF Ranger office. You can PM me with info.

    Olympus camera.jpg
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    Put a little sticker w/ name addy on it on the next one.
    Then the finder will know who donated it or they will be able to find you. Some of us still do that.

    I really got lucky couple summers ago after doing a real dummy and lost my shooting range bag. Got it back in a real round about way. Thank you Pete-was worth about $400.
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