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Discussion in 'Center Pin Fishing' started by Aodanc, May 2, 2018.

  1. Aodanc


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    I am getting into centerpin fishing and am looking to buy a used centerpin rod/reel combo. I don't really know much about centerpin fishing so i have no specs that i am looking for specifically, just something to get my feet wet in this style of fishing.
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    Fort Wayne, In.
    You don't mention a budget, what you intend to fish for, or your location and the type of fishing (boat, wading), it would help. The first thing I will say is buy the best you can afford.
    If you plan to fish for Steelhead and Salmon both look for a rod in the 6-12# rating, length in the 12-13' range with a medium action. Just for Steelhead go a little lighter on the line rating, and just Salmon go heavier. If you plan to CP for Trout in smaller rivers then go much lighter and shorter, 3-6 or 4-8# and 10-11'.
    For a reel there are a lot of options, just don't go for the cheap imports. Raven, makes a good starter reel and there are several different models available most of the time used for sale on the boards. Try to find a 4 3/4-5" reel, as then you can retrieve faster than with a 4 1/2" or smaller.
    Good luck, and enjoy your new setup when you get one, just remember in most cases this will not be your last, and that I warned you that it is addicting.;)
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  3. slightofhand


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    For just getting into it I would pick up a Shimano Claris and a used islander reel. The islander will have great resale value and would be a great backup when you upgrade. The Clarus is a good price for entry level. Check out some float fishing groups on Facebook there’s always stuff for sale
  4. Superior Outfitter

    Superior Outfitter

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    I have a New Shimano Clarus 11'3 in the shop for $90. That would work if you fish smaller water and I have a used raven helix for $120 that is on it right now.
  5. Corey K

    Corey K

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    Birch Run
    If your just starting up and fishing fairly small water, you can't go wrong with a standard size Raven Matrix (solid backplate).
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