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Brass vs. Copper Jacket

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Mags, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Mags


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    Warren, MI or NCC-1701-H
    Just curious on what the advantage, or disadvantage, would be in on the two on a handgun pistol cartridge used for primarily for SD.
    Specifically, most premium rounds like Speer Gold Dots, Winchester Rangers, Federal HST's, Hornady TAP, and a bunch of others use copper.........but the Remington Golden Saber uses a brass jacket. I'm no metallurgist, other than knowing that brass is an alloy of copper+zinc in some ratio. The guy that designed the Golden Saber for Remington, Dave Schluckbier, previously worked at Winchester, and in tandem with Alan Corzine, who at least then was the VP of R&D at Winchester, they designed the now defunct Black Talon, which had a copper jacket. Not sure if this was just a marketing thing or copyright thing or what. I plan on doing my own "ballistic testing" in the spring on most of the above mentioned rounds, but am curious if anyone knowledgeable about the subject could shed some light on it for me beforehand. Thanks!
  2. jmoser


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    Oakland Co.
    I believe the brass alloy is a bit harder and tougher than straight copper but not positive. Depends on the jacket thickness as well, thinner harder jacket vs. thicker softer jacket, etc. Either way I do not see a big effect on terminal performance; Golden Sabre, Gold Dot, XTP are all fantastic JHP designs.

    I will say XTPs have the most field data on real world use since many deer are taken with this bullet design every year, take that for what it is worth but it means more to me than gelatin data and debatable statistics from a comparably tiny number of actual police shootings.

    Having said that I use all 3 bullets in various calibers, factory and handload.

  3. Wildone


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    Here is some good reading on the 2 of the bullets. I carry Federal HST's and Gold Dot. As for a defense round they are both very good from what I have read and tested. For a carry round I want something that can protect me against me against a Bad Guy wearing heavy cloths or a leather coat and in my vehicle with good glass and door penetration (IE. carjacker stopper). I chose a Bonded Bullet for the job in 10mm and .357 Sig.

    Federal HST's

    Speer Gold Dots

    Winchester Ranger SXT is the new version of the black Talon.