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boat trailer specs(weight)

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by Mathews Man, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Mathews Man

    Mathews Man

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    Too far away from my family farm
    Hello All:

    I need to figure out where, online, that I can find the DW(dry weight) of my 1996 16' Sylvan boat trailer. I need it for the SOS office. I brought them the VIN number, but now they are saying that they need the DW too. I know I can take the boat off, run the trailer up to some certified scales, but I rather not have to go through the hassle. Any ideas?
  2. Outdoor2daCore


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    Traverse City Area
    Is the trailer less than 800 lbs? I dealt with this similar issue recently. I think 800lbs is the threshold or cutoff before it goes to the next class. I just estimated mine as I am quite sure it is less than 800. My trailer is a modified single axle trailer for an 16' boat that was cut down is and is used for my 14 footer. With the boat off I can easily maneuver it and with some effort can lift the axle. Therefore, I know it can't be close to 800 because I can't deadlift 500 lbs.

  3. Far Beyond Driven

    Far Beyond Driven

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    Holland, MI
    I took the boat off mine, put one tire on a bathroom scale, then the other, then the tongue - put a piece of wood down first to protect the scale. Trailer is for a 14' boat (I can pick the entire back of the trailer off the ground to swing it around - I think it was about 140# total).
  4. jiggin is livin

    jiggin is livin

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    We just went through this, just bought a 16'er. Previous owner couldn't find the trailer paperwork and no numbers. So we have to go off his old plate and get it weighed to title it as an assembled trailer. What a PITA it was for my wife and I to get that thing off. Back on was easier using the combination of a floor jack, winch on the trailer and the rollers on the trailer I was able to get it back on by myself. Don't wanna do it again though.

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