Blood Run Tackle 20lb fluorocarbon harness leader (pass on it)

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    Well I decided to pick up this 20lb FC leader material to tie crawler harnesses. Cost about 30 bucks. I used Gamakatsu Octopus hooks No. 2 and No 4. Size. To start , it was impossible to tie this to the #4 size hook because eye was not big enough in diameter. It is possible to snell the larger #2 sized hooks though it is still a chore. Not only is the line stiff and harder to Snell, but even with the size 2 octopus hooks, I was unable to thread the leader line back through the hook eye on many occasions. Though it is advertised as crawler harness material, it really is not that easy to use. If you decide to try this brand, I would take into consideration a different hook with a larger eye or better yet find a FC with a smaller diameter or just stick with Mono. My 2 cents.

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