Blood on the Water

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    With the negative discussions on the political pages I decided to start a book thread here. Has anyone read Blood on the Water (2011) by Fredrick Sonehouse?

    I purchased this book over the weekend and started reading it tonight. I went to school in New Mexico and Nevada and know little of what role the Great Lake States played in the Cival War.

    So far I have learned that the US Navy developed iron clad ships 15 years before the British and 16 years before the French. She was named the USS Michigan and was in services from 1844 to 1912. In 1905 she was renamed the USS Wolverine. The ship was used as a training vessel from 1912 until 1923. In 1949 the ship was scrapped but the bow and cutwater is displayed in the Erie Maritime Museum.
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    Gen. Custer was born in Ohio and raised in Michigan. He played a prominent role in several key battles during the Civil War before being killed in the Battle of Little Big Horn in 1876.
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