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Big Manistique Lake June 1-9

Discussion in 'Warm Water Fishing Inland UP Lakes' started by Moldman, Apr 16, 2018 at 8:00 AM.

  1. Moldman


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    Fellow fishers, wife and I will be spending June1-9 fishing Big Manistique staying on the south end near the boat ramp. Haven't fished the lake before and would like to catch a few walleye and some perch. Not asking for any gps numbers but would like a few pointers on where and what to use. Any help is deeply appreciated. Thanks
  2. fishfinder52


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    I will be up there during that week myself. Have fished the south lake several times but this is the first time on the Big lake. We will be staying at Birch Shores on the east side. Would also be interested in any pointers that may help.

  3. shametamer


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    fish around the islands in the dark periods for eyes...Much like houghton lake its a shallow body of water for so many surface acres..leeches under a slip bobber are always good in the stained water of the u.p.
    there are two boat ramps on the south end , the weeds out from the southeastern ramp often produce fish(if you can keep the hammerhandles at bay). Cooks bay and water north of the southwestern ramp lacks the cover and structure of most of the lake..i never had a lot of action there..
    perch are found all over the lake(sorting necessary)minnows are best..emerald shiners (if you can find them) Its a big lake fish move.., so if you are getting no action..move
    Areas around the islands can get shallow in a hurry so watch your prop
    east area(weeds) heading to neck down between long and foster usually attracts eyes in the evening
    a day trip to south mani if you are looking for musky..try either side of long point........for a shot at a larger eye.north mani can be tried, fish are few and far between but generally run larger when caught.
    If you troll or cast...taildancers work well, as do rogues and berkley flicker minnows
  4. sparty52


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    Canton, MI
    I've stayed at birch shores before, lots of luck straight out past burnt island there are some humps and on the south east side of the lake there's a big weed bed that great.