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Big Bodied Deer

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Trophy Specialist, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. schopie4


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    Canton, MI
    I don't have any pictures right now, but my family hunts in Ogemaw county and we usually get our deer processed in oakland or washtenaw county and I have to say. These southern bucks have some pretty big racks, but every year our deer have the biggest bodies of the groups. Not sure why that is, but the processors always seem amazed that we get so much more meat off of our deer compared to everyone elses
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    hear is some big deer facts ….

    Horace R. Hinckley did what no other hunter has been able to match since, by shooting the heaviest whitetail buck on record within the state of Maine.

    In fact, Hinckley's buck places second in all of North America, only to a Minnesota buck shot in 1926 by Carl Lenandor. Carl's buck topped the scales at 402 pounds dressed. It has been conservatively estimated at 500 lbs. live weight.

    Once this great buck was hoisted up in front of several witnesses, including state sealer of weights, Forrest Brown, the giant deer pulled the scales to a whopping 355 pounds. It was calculated that Hinckley's buck had an approximate live weight of 488 pounds. Several measurements were then taken which included: neck girth - 28 inches, body girth behind forelegs - 47 inches, greatest girth - 56 inches, and a total length from antler tip to rear hoof of 9 1/2 feet.

    I gotthis stuff at this website
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    How come a 402-pound dressed deer is estimated at 500 pounds live weight (98 pounds of guts, or 20%), yet a 355-pound dressed deer is estimated at 488 pounds live weight (133 pounds of guts, or 27%)? 133 pounds of guts?!!! That's more than most of my deer's live weight! Maybe he was a friendly deer with a huge heart.

    I think I've seen a photo of the MN Lenandor buck hanging from a pole in a story about "the heaviest buck ever killed". Anybody got that scanned to post?