Berts vs traxstech?

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    Whom ever said, Red Camero, vs Black Camero was absolutely correct in functionality, but I would add that one may or may not have Rally Racing stripes.
    Berts/Traxstech are the racing stripes.......

    But here is my two cents.
    I looked over both, Traxstech & Berts, and opted for the Traxstech.

    After looking at both, the Traxstech seemed more durable. Not that the Berts is not any less durable, but I envisioned the shiny surface of Berts, scratched, nicked, and looking like crap in 10 years of use in my mind. (Kids dog, buddy's who don't pay attention, etc) The surface on the Traxstech, seemed to me to be less, shall we say "Visible" if scratched.

    Lakeshore Tackle & Firearm's in Saugatuck has an option on the second link, where you can email them photos of your boat, and they will help you with layout, etc. That might help you, as they can help you with layout. After doing exactly that, & a Email conversation about the boat layout, I opted to actually drive there with my boat.

    Main page:
    Boat Layout page @lakeshore:

    I worked with Aaron (Owner I think), and he grabbed mounting tracks off the shelf, and we had them all setting on the boat in the locations to see how it would look & an idea of how it would perform.

    They (Traxstech) do have three colors, Black, Silver, Titanium. That was a problem, because I don't do colors, that was solved by taking a photo, and texting it to the "Color Boss" (aka Wife) and she said Black.

    So, we then swapped, and layed out all black, Tracks, Rod Holders, accessories, etc.

    I ended up with 2, 36 Inch Mounting tracks, and 4 Ratchet Rod holders, end caps, net holder, and went back last week for two more additional rod holders, non ratcheting type.

    The Ratchet Rod holders I ordered were in Black, and on back order. Lakeshore has me fishing anyway, with 4 Silver so I can fish, until the Black ones arrive. <-- that was and is AWESOME Customer Service. When the Black arrive, Ill drive them down to Lakeshore, or ship them to them, either way. (I think road trip is on hand though for any thing extra I think I may need. :)

    Couple of things to remember, and keep in mind, (this is for Berts, or Traxstech), each installation is different, each boat is different, for its intended use, some may require holes to be drilled, and some may require different hardware other than provided. Backing plates may or may not be needed.

    I required some drilling, and obtained longer stainless steel screw for my installation, but no backing plate was needed, I also replaced all nuts with Nylon locking nuts.

    Here is a photo, of all three colors in a mock up, Silver to the left, Titanium to the right, and Black on the far side.


    Here is the same photo but from the other side. Black in the front, Titanium and Silver on the back side.

    Here is the Port side after installation.


    Unfortunately I don't have any other pictures of them as I have been busy fishing & working.

    If you would like some to see let me know, I can either post them here, or send them in a PM.