Beginner UP walleye tackle

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by TFin04, Jun 21, 2020.

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    North of Ann Arbor
    Grew up fishing for bass and panfish in the LP, never really targeted anything bigger. I'd like to get better at targeting walleye as my family now has some property near a popular walleye lake in the UP.

    I haven't fished in forever so I probably need an assortment of new tackle, but I'm wondering if you can recommend the basics for someone just getting started. I'm researching on here and YouTube but a list of "go buy some of these" would be helpful.

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    A lot of recommendations you may get on here that work well in other bodies of water might not work well there. Talk to the locals and find out the general kinds of fishing they do. If live bait under slip bobbers over weeds is a popular method, you don’t need a planer board system and a thousand different bandits. Crawler harnesses generally work everywhere, but there are different ways to fish them - bottom bouncers or three way sinker rigs for bottom fishing open water; inline weights or snap weights for suspended open water fish; or just a split shot or two over shallow weeds. Even with crankbaits, smaller sizes generally work better inland compared to big water.
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