Barometric pressure

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    For what it's worth:

    "The best fishing periods often occur when barometric pressure reaches its lowest point just before the front arrives. After the storm passes, high pressure arrives, and the giant hand presses down harder. The water is compacted, and fish find it harder to swim."
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    Panfish are most active 2 days before a major pressure change (drop), as the front approaches game fish become more active, putting panfish on the move or hiding in aquatic vegetation to avoid them. As the front nears a peak in activity of gamefish will occur just prior to the wind shift to the north, once that happens things get tough.

    I pay attention to the birds as well, their activity level seams to correlate closely to the fish with Songbirds most active two days before a weather event, the Raptors ramp up as the front approaches, then settle in post - front...

    I've noticed with a low pressure system to the South (Ohio from my location) giving us as North Eastern wind component - with no precipitation falling here - it's VERY tough fishing. However, a low pressure system to the South giving us either rain or snow and a due East wind the bite is good, until the wind shift to the North with the passage of the front.

    I'm a firm believer fish's ability to consume (swallow) is easier under low/falling pressure than high pressure.
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