Band no band deer baiting

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    are you tire of our government office only doing a half job. I think banding deer baiting good to end up in more wounded uncover deer. Instead of teaching hunting how to bait. When i baited for a clean kill. I spread all around like feeding chickens. One time i ask
    O hunter are you see deer. They said no. But track all over and food being eaten. I ask how much they said two pickup loads. I told them they made them night feeder. Then i told them to look at top of hill. Yep all the deer was watching them leave.
    Now back to Dnr band instead of banding. Why not find out how our deer herd got sick. Deer dont get these desease, on their own. There has to be a carrier. Is it game ranches. And for feeding wouldnt broadcasting food so deer search be better. isnt that the same as deer searching in a farm field. Plus how many of you ever see more than two or three deer at a time. Is dnr going to stop farmer from growing crops. Dnr is lost and just like any other Michigan dept. if we cant control it let just stop it. Oh and i love how gas tax grew fron 0.25 cent to 0.45 a true democrat miss leading