Bait Baffler bait box, lol....

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    Buddy gave me a lot of his late father's outdoor gear, he was a cool old school type, Seabee in WWII....anyhoo, among all the pretty neat fishing gear was this little bait box, all alum....still had the instructions's still new....buddy has one & used it as a kid fishing trout streams....

    Just thought it was pretty cool and something different, at least to me, lol....gave me a 54 year old still sealed collector bottle of Jim Beam too ;) !....that's a good friend, lol !.... DSCN0235.JPG DSCN0236.JPG

    I'm going to make some kind of "shadow box" display of all my favorite old fishing gear, all pretty much made in the USA....a different time for sure....cheers....