Approx. value of Remington 1100

Discussion in 'Firearm Identification/Value' started by Freddie, Apr 27, 2012.

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    Story of my life.....A day late and a dollar short! Somebody got a good deal! As far as I'm concerned, a 20 year old 1100 in good condition in the $450-$500 range is a much better buy than todays brand new 1100 Sportsman models in the $600 range.

    For the OP, you could probably have the barrel shortened and threaded for chokes for under $175. Probably find a used 26" or 28" field barrel for around $125 with a fixed choke, a few bucks more for a threaded barrel. I'd be calling around to some shops....Bob's Gun and Tackle in Hastings and On Target in Kalamazoo probably have a handfull of used 1100 barrels collecting dust. Certainly won't help attain a boat for the kids but it might make a great gun a little more versatile for the family needs.